Crumbler Mobile App is a brand owned by The Author.

The following Terms of Service describe in detail the terms and conditions of using the Crumbler app.


For purposes of the Terms of Service following terms are used:

The App” (later also referred to as „Crumbler” or „Crumbler Mobile App”) - Crumbler Mobile App available in the App Store

The Author” - legal entity, owner of The App - Bartłomiej Uchański

Terms of Service” (later also called „The Agreement”, „The Conditions” or „This Document”) - the following document describing in detail the terms and conditions of using the Crumbler Mobile App

The User” - a person that completed the registration process

Crumb” - a user generated post placed on the map

Comment” - a user generated text content posted under a Crumb


1. The device running The App must be an Apple iPhone with iOS version equal to or newer than 9.3.

2. Crumbler provides registration service by means of:

- e-mail address and password

- existing Facebook account

3. By registering a new account and accepting This Agreement, The User acknowledges and agrees that This Document is a legal contract between The Author and The User. The following rules must be obeyed by both sides of The Agreement. Failing to comply may result in functional and legal consequences named throughout the course of This Document.

4. Registering an account by means of e-mail and password The User grants The Author an access to personal information provided by The User in the registration form inside the Crumbler Mobile App.

5. Signing up via Facebook account grants The Author access to The User’s name, surname, age and profile picture.

6. You are responsible for confidentiality of your login credentials – Facebook account login, e-mail address and password.

7. Public user information (name, surname, profile picture, social networks nicknames) must comply with content quality rules specified in §2 User generated content rules.

§2 User generated content rules

1. Crumbler Mobile App allows The User to generate and publish their own content by creating a Crumb, a Comment or by sharing their public user information. The User agrees to obey by the rules specified below, concerning the quality of their content.

2. Texts published by the User must not contain any inappropriate content (including and not limited to faul language, insults, calumnies, texts restricted by third party license agreements or promotion of values commonly viewed as offensive.

3. Images published by the User must not contain any inappropriate content (including and not limited to pornographic images, content restricted by 3rd party license agreements or other content commonly viewed as offensive).

4. The User must not post multiple Crumbs or Comments with the same or very similar content in a short period of time (activity commonly referred to as „spamming”).

5. The User may report an inappropriate content from within the comment section of The Crumb they view as offensive. The Author is obliged to review the reports and delete the inappropriate content after positive result of the verification proces.

6. The User may block any other user of The App which will result in hiding all of The User’s Crumbs from the blocked user as well as allowing The User to filter off the blocked user’s Crumbs from the map.

7. Failing to comply with the rules above may lead to suspension or deletion of The User’s Crumbler Mobile App account.


1. Activities specified in §3 are strictly forbidden. Failing to comply with them may cause functional and legal consequences to The User.

2. Attempts to decode the binary file of Crumbler Mobile App are forbidden.

3. Copying or distributing Crumbler by means other than the Apple App Store or means explicitly allowed by The Author is forbidden.

4. Unauthorized attempts to access The App’s database by means other by using The App are forbidden.

5. Attempts to disrupt the proper workflow of The App, Crumbler’s server, database or website are forbidden.


1. The Author is the administrator of personal information provided by The User.

2. The Author grants The User rights to view, request updates, or delete their personal data from The App’s database.

3. The App uses the personal information to:

- Authenticate The User upon signing in

- Identity The User after logging in

- Verify if the personal information are in compliance with §2 of The Agreement

- Fulfill any legal requirements specified by the law

4. The App requires The User to share their location only when creating a new Crumb. The location is then assigned to the created Crumb and saved to the database of Crumbler Mobile App.

5. The coordinates are also used to find Crumbs near The User and return them from the server.

6. In no other situation are the coordinates saved to the database or stored for future use.

7. No third parties have access to The User’s location.


1. The user may delete their account at any time.

2. The User may ask any question about conditions of The Agreement by sending an e-mail to the following address: contact@crumblerapp.eu.

3. The Author reserves the right to make changes to The Agreement at any time. The most recent version of This Document is always available through the latest build of Crumbler or via the website: http://www.crumblerapp.eu/termsofuse.html.

4. Issues not covered by This Document are regulated by the law.